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A beautiful garden

Garden Design Expert in the Isle of Wight

About Tim Howard

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Growing up in a small village by the canal in Wiltshire, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by nature from birth. My grandfather had me planting potatoes before my second birthday and since then I've had a love of growing my own food.


Encouraged by my mother, who kept a beautiful garden, I continued to develop my appreciation not just for the edible side of gardening but also the aesthetic.


One of my main goals in the garden is to grow tasty and healthy crops to feed myself and my family. I love the connection you get when working on a patch of land and the satisfaction it gives you when you pick fresh tomatoes and eat peas from the pod.


In a world where we are all trying to do our bit for the environment, growing your own food and beautiful flowers seems, to me, to be one of the best ways to give back in small way.

With that in mind, I have developed my style of garden design to incorporate a more natural and rustic quality, reminiscent of old English Country Gardens.

I love sneaking edible plants into borders to create not just an attractive scene but also a functional space.


Trained in fine art and photography I have an eye for design and enjoy the challenge of bringing people's ideas to life.


I couldn't be happier working as a gardener and consider it a real privilege to help people create their own beautiful spaces.


If you’d like to discuss your garden, get in touch today.

Dedicated to transforming

your garden

For more information on the range of landscape design and construction services I offer homes across the Isle of Wight, visit my services page.

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